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Welcome to Bradley Pens

Since 1983, Bradley Pens has offered customized promotional pens at factory-direct pricing. We've been in business this long because our clients trust that our products will arrive as ordered - and on time. From orders of 5,000 to over 1,000,000 pens, Bradley Pens will customize high-quality pens with your logo, company name or custom text. Then, ship them directly to you from our factory in about 3 weeks.

From simple stick pens to elegant, precision instruments, Bradley Pens offers the highest quality custom promotional ball-point pens in a variety of styles at a price to fit your budget.

What styles of pens does Bradley Pens sell? Plastic body stick pens, plastic body retractable pens, plastic body rubber grip retractable pens, metal body retractable pens, metal body rubber grip retractable pens, elegant capped pens and more!

Who buys our pens? Associations and clubs, lawyers, hospitals, schools, universities, banks, financial advisors, non-profit organizations, marketing agencies, car dealerships and any organization that needs pens and wants an inexpensive advertising opportunity.